The Romany Tales

A Dark Role-Playing Campaign designed on the fly and GMed by Scott David Gray.

          Warhammer is a dark Fantasy world, in a setting otherwise similar to the Holy Roman Empire ("which was none of the above," as my History Professor used to say) in the Renaissance. The characters in the campaign were Romany entertainers -- mostly family members -- living in a wagon caravan. Throughout the campaign, the characters were subject to prejudice and hostility from the surrounding Imperials.
          We used Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition. The Romany in this world hail originally from the "Romany" nation, which was left in ruins and overrun in the area of the world now called The Badlands. Most of the surviving Romany in the world live as vagrants in the Old World, living in the Southern areas of Talabcland, though some (like the PCs) are nomadic and roam about the region.
          This campaign took place 100 years in the future of my last WFRP game, and people are advised to visit that page to see some of the (now antiquated) game handouts.
          I started out making the campaign up in an episodic way -- to make it easier for one set of players to come to one session and another set of players to come to the next session.

          The family

          Sessions (These dates map roughly on to when the session was played -- I suspect that this list is not 100% accurate):

  1. 05/28/2006 Maglind the Witch? (Anjo, Casamir, Maglind) Adventure 1
  2. 06/17/2006 Brandenberg pig farm (Casamir, Maglind) Adventure 2
  3. 07/08/2006 Askra, the Rodent of Unusual Size (Gregor, Maglind, Ulandir, Zena) Adventure 3
  4. 07/13/2006 Orks! (Maglind, Ulandir, Zena) Adventure 4
  5. 07/29/2006 Nuln, University in Flames (Gregor, Maglind, Zena) Adventure 5
  6. 08/19/2006 Nuln II (Gregor, Maglind, Ulandir, Zena)
  7. 09/30/2006 Haunted House Prequel (Casamir, Maglind, Marioos, Zena) Adventure 6
  8. 10/15/2006 Nuln III (Ulandir, Zena)
  9. 11/02/2006 Nuln IV (Maglind, Ulandir, Zena)
  10. 12/07/2006 Nuln V (Gregor, Zena)
  11. 01/06/2007 Nuln VI (Gregor, Zena)
  12. 01/14/2007 Hush (Maglind, Ulandir, Zena) Adventure 7
  13. 01/28/2007 Ubersreik (Maglind, Ulandir, Zena) Adventure 8
  14. 02/18/2007 The Haunted House (Anjo, Gregor, Maglind, Zena) Adventure 9
  15. 02/25/2007 Rough Night at the Three Feathers -- a canned adventure from Plundered Vaults (Gregor, Ulandir, Zena) Adventure 10
  16. 03/11/2007 Ubersreik II, the Great Convergeance (Gregor, Maglind, Ulandir, Zena)
  17. 04/14/2007 Piper's Rest (Gregor, Maglind, Zena) Adventure 11
  18. 04/29/2007 Piper's Rest II (Gregor, Maglind, Ulandir, Viktor, Zena)
  19. 05/27/2007 Swamp Thing (Maglind, Marioos, Viktor, Zena) Adventure 12
  20. 07/08/2007 Steindorf (Gregor, Maglind, Ulandir, Viktor, Zena) Adventure 13
  21. 09/01/2007 Steindorf II (Gregor, Maglind, Marioos, Zena)
  22. 09/15/2007 Steindorf III (Ulandir, Maglind, Zena)
  23. 10/13/2007 On the Road Again (Maglind, Viktor, Zena) Adventure 14
  24. 11/17/2007 Ulandir and the Basilisk (Maglind, Ulandir, Zena) Adventure 15
  25. 12/22/2007 On First Hearing of Baron Luftang (Gregor, Maglind, Zena) Adventure 16
  26. 01/05/2008 In Nuln for a Memorial (Casamir, Gregor, Ivan, Maglind) Adventure 17
  27. 01/26/2008 FeeBee Goats and Men with Forks (Casamir, Gregor, Ivan, Maglind, Marioos, Zena) Adventure 18
  28. 02/17/2008 Craczo (Gregor, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor, Zena) Adventure 19
  29. 03/03/2008 Craczo II (Casamir, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor, Zena)
  30. 03/30/2008 Craczo III (Casamir, Ivan, Maglind, Zena)
  31. 04/26/2008 Fort Spry The Arraignment (Casamir, Maglind, Viktor, Zena) Adventure 20
  32. 05/11/2008 Fort Spry II Interrogating Witnesses (Casamir, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor, Zena)
  33. 05/26/2008 Fort Spry III The Trial and the first Scourging (Ivan, Maglind, Viktor)
  34. 06/08/2008 Terror in Talabheim (Casamir, Genosaine, Gregor, Ivan, Maglind) Adventure 21
  35. 06/21/2008 Terror in Talabheim II (Gregor, Maglind, Zena)
  36. 07/06/2008 Terror in Talabheim III (Gregor, Ivan, Maglind, Zena)
  37. 07/20/2008 Terror in Talabheim IV (Ivan, Maglind, Viktor, Zena)
  38. 07/24/2008 Terror in Talabheim V (Casamir, Ivan, Maglind)
  39. 08/17/2008 Terror in Talabheim VI (Casamir, Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Zena)
  40. 09/01/2008 Terror in Talabheim VII (Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Zena)
  41. 10/11/2008 Terror in Talabheim VIII (Gregor, Ivan Maglind, Zena)
  42. 10/26/2008 Terror in Talabheim IX (Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Zena)
  43. 11/09/2008 Terror in Talabheim X (Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor, Zena)
  44. 11/15/2008 Terror in Talabheim XI (Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor, Zena)
  45. 12/07/2008 Terror in Talabheim XII (Genosaine, Gregor, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor)
  46. 01/11/2009 Pie Week: Marioos to the Rescue (Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Marioos, Viktor, Zena) Adventure 22
  47. 01/25/2009, Vengeance on Hexenstag, or I'm Dreaming of a Wight New Years (Genosaine, Gregor, Ivan, Maglind) Adventure 23
  48. 02/08/2009, Nikki and the Three Names (Gregor, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor) Adventure 24
  49. 03/01/2009, Altdorf prison (Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor) Adventure 25
  50. 03/15/2009, Iron Man (Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Viktor) Adventure 26
  51. 04/19/2009, Iron Man II (Ivan, Maglind, Viktor)
  52. 05/03/2009, The Pistoliers (Ivan, Maglind, Viktor) Adventure 27
  53. 05/10/2009, Ranald's Bane (Ivan, Maglind, Viktor) Adventure 28
  54. 05/25/2009, The Empress (Gregor, Maglind, Viktor) Adventure 29
  55. 07/19/2009, The Empress II (Ivan, Maglind, Viktor, Zena)
  56. 08/29/2009, The Empress III (Casamir, Maglind, Marioos)
  57. 10/25/2009, The Baleful Influence of the Great Blonky (Ivan, Maglind, Marioos, Viktor) Adventure 30
  58. 11/08/2009, The Baleful Influence of the Great Blonky II (Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Marioos, Viktor)
  59. 11/21/2009, The Baleful Influence of the Great Blonky III, game end (Casamir, Genosaine, Ivan, Maglind, Marioos, Viktor)

          As far as die-rolling conventions, we did not use the base WFRP "roll percentile dice under the relevant attribute of your character." Instead, we roll percentile dice and add the result to the relevant attribute. Generally, a "normal" success is 101, a "routine" success is 81, an "extraordinary" success is 131, etcetera. In addition to announcing the number you roll, if the dice come up 01, 02, 03, 99 or 00 (01-03 is a critical failure, and 99-00 is a critical success), you should announce that as well.

          Over the course of 59 sessions characters have accumulated between 3672 and 7100 XP (in addition to the free advance, and skill/talent list from starting career).

         New characters brought in by new players start with 3552 XP. Players may choose (instead of rolling) their careers, with the caveat that if playing a Romany character, certain careers are off limits for them or require a great deal of justification in writing a background. We also use the "Shallya's Mercy" rule for character generation.

House rules:

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