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Subterranean Homesick Games writes Live Action Role Playing games (LARPs). Each player in the game is given a character to portray. Each character has its own goals and personality. In these games there are no winners or losers. Though some characters may have 'goals', actual success at attaining the goals is no reflection on the player's ability. (For example, an actor is playing Shakespeare's Hamlet rather poorly if by the end of his performance the tragic prince were still alive...)

Subterranean Homesick Games Productions:

The (almost) all Batmantm game based on an idea that may have originated with Don Ross, by Lee Rosenberg, Sharon Tripp and Scott David Gray. Hasn't run yet.
The (almost) all Batman tm game based on an idea that may have originated with Don Ross is based on a simple premise. It is an evening in Gotham, and there are many many characters all in the same place who happen to be dressed up as Batman tm. The villains in Gotham City have promised that tonight they will kill Batman tm at the Penguin's "Iceberg Lounge" Casino. Expecting that their favorite hero would willingly walk into such a trap, many citizens of Gotham decided to protect the dark knight by coming to the Iceberg Lounge dressed at Batman tm themselves, so the villains don't know who the real Batman tm is. Well, in order that they not stick out, the villains are dressing up as Batman tm too.

A Gay Romp through Time and Space with Eva Braun and the Infamous Time Corps., by Sharon Tripp and Scott David Gray. Hasn't run yet.
      Destiny calls! Are you ready to answer? Did you already answer, regret what you said to Destiny last time, and want to do it over again? Did Destiny miss you and hit the cyborg over there instead, and are you going to get in Destiny's face and demand its attention? Or are you (probably reasonably) going to run, screaming, from Destiny as fast as you can, recognizing that Destiny is a bitch?
      Come join us for the most significant moment in World War II. A moment that as of this writing at the dawn of the 21st century hasn't happened yet. Or maybe just come for the spread, and give the (not as yet) famous answer that will be given in 2217 by Prime Minister John Sidney -- "Screw the Time Corps! I'm just here for the raffle!"
      Eventually, having run out of other ideas, all LARP writers do something with Hitler's brain. Subterranean Homesick Games has hit that point.
      This game was written to run at the First Annual Jenn Con convention, but horrible, terrible things happened to prevent the game from running, and which killed all but two of the participants planning to play. (The GMs knew this game wasn't going to run, but wrote it anyway; the see entry for the JennCon convention to learn what really happened.)

Mont Saint Michel, by Scott Gray and Sharon Tripp. Has run seven times for 234 players (not counting NPCs or GMs).
Welcome to the Mont Saint Michel monastery. There are a large number of foreign guests presently, including guests from Protestant nations and a visiting Vatican Inquisitor, so the Abbot is watching the foreigners very carefully. Because of international tensions between European powers in 1632, and the Protestant split with the mother church, the atmosphere is very tense. Fortunately, nobody is foolhardy enough to spill blood in the house of God. Please join us for an evening of conspiracy, diplomacy, mystery, romance and swashbuckling under the eyes of Archangel Michael.

Deep South by Daylight, by Sharon Tripp and Scott Gray. Has run seven times.
Pelham, South Carolina. A quiet little town, east of Greenville. A small Christian cult, The Church of the Eucharist is set up on an old tobacco farm, where they practice Communion with real blood -- claiming that the story of the last supper was not meant to be metaphorical.

JennCon LARP, by Sharon Tripp and Scott Gray. Has run once.
We ran a by-invite convention, hosted on a secluded campground, with Jennifer Romatelli (the inspiration for the name of the convention), for a dozen of our friends. The one thing that ll of the group understood and agreed when they signed up, was that they were signing up for a horror genre "meta-LARP" and that even though the convention had scheduled activities for Saturday and Sunday, the convention would be quickly taken over by the meta-plot. The theory was that when people play themselves, horror is easier to attain and maintain. We used boffer weapons for combat, to keep people in the moment. The game was a great success, and we will never, ever run it again.

Guy Fawkes Day, by Scott Gray and Sharon Tripp. Has run twice.
It is November 5th, 1605, in London. A Catholic soldier named Guy Fawkes has just been caught in the basement of Parliament, with a couple tons of gunpowder. This is apparently part of an act of terrorism, designed to kill virtually all members of the Government -- King James I, members of the House of Lords, members of the House of Commons, and King James's heir Henry -- in an explosion when James addresses the opening session of Parliament.

On the Back Burner at Subterranean Homesick Games:

Set in the New York City newsboys strike, in the Summer of 1899.

The Time of Troubles.
Do you have what it takes to survive as a Russian peasant in the early seventeenth century? Tsar Ivan IV (aka Ivan Grozny -- Ivan the Terrible) died in 1584, four years after killing his eldest son in a fit of anger. The nation is divided by a civil war, stemming from several competing claims to the Russian crown. Russia is caught between foreign invasions by the Polish (who want to bring the Eastern Orthodox church under the control of the Roman Catholic Pope), and the Swedes (who want to control trade routes along the Baltic coast). Food shortages and heavy taxes (instituted by two rival governments) have moved the peasantry to revolt against the nobility in many parts of the country. Can things get any worse for the peasants in this small villiage?

The Harper's Ferry Reenactment.
Twenty-two men laid seige to the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry Virginia on October 16th 1859, and captured all sixty defenders. The raiders were finally captured by ninety Marines under the command of Leutenant Colonel Robert E. Lee. The raiders intended to arm the slaves on nearby plantations with seized weapons, and start a nation-wide slave rebellion, using the Appalachian Mountains as the base for a guerrilla war. The raiders did not believe that they could defeat the southern armies, even with a large scale slave rebellion; instead they hoped to make it economically unfeasable for slavery to continue in the American South.

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